The Naach Box School of Dance

Born to Dance

The Naach Box – School of Dance was born in 2016 and is run by instructors Karthika and Raphael. They come with over 20 years’ of professional experience in various dance forms. Between them, they’ve performed and conducted workshops across the world notably India, United States, Canada, the Middle East, Morocco and now in their new home Australia. At Naach Box, we are inspired by the eclectic, vivacious and boisterous nature of music from Indian/Bollywood films. We combine various dance styles into our routines showcasing technique and more importantly, having tons of fun along the way!

Meet our Directors

Our Founders – Karthika Vijaykumar and Raphael Jacob have between them, over 30 years of professional dance experience. Having danced together for a number of years prior to their move Down Under, they established The Naach Box in 2016. They hope to inspire people to try something new and bring out their smiles.

Raphael Jacob

Founder & Director

“If it wasn’t for my brother, I wouldn’t be dancing today. His passion towards dance was my inspiration to dance and I am glad I haven’t taken a step back since.”
Raphael started professionally dancing at the age of 10 and was part of a dance company called “Break House” in Kuwait where he learnt and performed various dance forms – Break dance, Hip Hop and Traditional Jazz. After he moved to India in 2002, he had the opportunity to learn Latin and Contemporary dance forms.
Raphael was part of his brother’s (George) dance company “GP Dancertainment” where he was one of the directors. Through the dance company, he has performed and taught across India and Internationally.
“Dancing is all about passion. You need to feel it to be in it. It’s not about how well you can dance, but just dance.”
Raphael says “Our goal is to spread happiness and inspire people through our dance and believe we can do it with our passion, energy and commitment towards doing what we love”

Karthika Vijaykumar

Founder & Director

“I recall how my mother figured my liking to dance at an early age. So glad she did because I can’t imagine anything else that makes me happier.”
Having started dancing at the age of 4 with the Indian classical form –Bharatanatyam, Karthika was introduced to Indian contemporary dance in time and had the privilege to join and be an integral part of Biju Kolli’s ‘Vibes The Dance Lab’, one of India’s premium dance companies. In 2010 while her friends were getting an extra degree in university, Karthika went onto to learn a new dance form, Kathak. She commenced classes with Guru Hari and Chetana – of Noopur Performing Arts Centre; before she knew it she had found her new love. She went onto perform with her gurus at many prestigious dance festivals in India and across the world.
Karthika truly believes in the statement, “Are we Human or are we Dancer?” Definitely dancer!
“I am always looking for inspiration from nature to people and other dancers. With social media I am so inspired by the many choreographers and dancers across the globe. “
Karthika says, “Dance is a great platform to connect with people and communities, to let go of your stress and your inhibitions, to get inspired and help believe anything is possible and to never give up.”

Meet The Naach Boxers

Our Fantastic Crew!

Sheney Mathew

The NaachBoxer

Our Bubbly Beauty!

Inspiration - I'm inspired by how emotions can be conveyed through movement/ dance and the sheer energy it brings.

What I love about being a Naach Boxer?
I love being a part of the Naach Box because it's like family. There is always something to learn, new experiences, fun, laughter and a chance to grow.

Rachana Malagi

The NaachBoxer

Our boisterous Bellydancer!

What dance means to me?
When I dance, it makes me forget everything else. My mind is purely focused on the music. Dance makes me come alive and creates this wonderful energy within and around me that makes me a happier person.

What I love about being a Naach Boxer?
All the lovely people who are a part of it and the other people you get to meet through dance and performances. We dance together, make fun of each other and laugh like crazy. There is just a lot of warmth within the Naach Box family.

Priyanka Sharma

The NaachBoxer

Our Glitter Queen!

My mum inspires me to dance; She danced from a very young age and encouraged me to dance freely and joyously.

I love being a Naach Boxer - As we are more than just a dance team but also enjoy hanging out after rehearsals and being friends.

Prineeka Sharma

The NaachBoxer

Our youngest bolly queen!

Bollywood and the beautiful dances depicted on screen inspired me to dance since I was a little girl. Both my sister and mum dance as well, so it's an enjoyable family activity.

Being a Naach Boxer - I love being a Naach Boxer because I get to push dance barriers and try new and exciting dance forms which in turn makes me a better dancer.

Praveen Kumar

The NaachBoxer

Our Acrobats master!

What about Dance?
It makes me happy. An overwhelming euphoria takes over each time I step foot on a performance platform, something that I can't put in words.

What do you love about being a Naach Boxer? The team! What started of as a random group of students has now evolved to a close knit unit that I now consider family. All are working professionals or full time students who take up dancing as a vocation but the time, effort and dedication the team puts in is commendable.

Arpitha Surya Kottari

The NaachBoxer

Our Task master/Costume manager!

What dance means to me?
When I dance, I feel like I am in a completely new world. It's just me and my dance and that's all that matters. It brings me joy, strength and life. I get to don different hats each time and it makes me believe that I can do anything. It truly has become a passion.
Being a Naach Boxer - This team allows me to dance like nobody's watching. Our growth and passion for dance motivates me to keep going and makes me feel special. This group is my family away from home!

Reshma Nair

The NaachBoxer

Our Hip Hop masher!

Why I love to dance?
I am so passionate about dancing and how there is no right or wrong when it comes to dancing. It is a beautiful form of expression.

Why a Naach Boxer?
The best part of being a Naach Boxer is that we bring the best out of each other and find positives in wins and failures. We grow with each performance and not just as dancers but as performers.

Abhilash John

The NaachBoxer

Our Baby faced assassin!

Dance to me is?
Is the purest form of expression. it's almost instinctive, combine that with the health benefits and the comradery. Dancing is absolutely fun!

Why I am a Naach Boxer?
What I enjoy the most about the Naach Box is the people. Every dance session is a lot of fun! We dance and have lots of banter. Raph and Karth are fantastic at what they do. They also respect and encourage ideas and inputs which I think makes every member grow and develop.

Shubha Mariyappa

The NaachBoxer

Our Resident dreamer!

What Dance means to me?
I really love dancing and it's my one true passion. I see dance as my true calling, drawing inspiration around me, in everyday life.

Being a NaachBoxer - A platform where I could live my passion. Proud to be one among those who breathe dance.


Whether you are a newbie or got dance experience under your belt, looking to try a new dance form or just want to have some fun and stay fit – We are always on the lookout for passionate and enthusiastic people to join our team!