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What we offer

Performances & Group Classes

If you are looking for entertainment for your special event, we have the perfect package for you. Just call us to chat more about your need and what we can offer to make it special. It could be a:

  • Corporate function
  • Stage/Floor shows/Flash Mobs
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Community events/Festival Performances
  • Any other Private function
  • We take Bollywood classes that are great if you are looking for some fun fitness class and give private lessons.
  • Bollywood class in the city- Boyd Community Hub, Southbank – every Tuesday 7pm
What We Offer

Other Dance Forms

  • Kathak – Kathak is one of the ten major forms of Indian classical dance forms. The origin of this dance form is traditionally attributed to the traveling bards of ancient northern India known as Kathakars or storey tellers. The term Kathak is derived from the Sanskrit word Katha which means story; wandering Kathakars communicated stories from the great Indian epics and mythology through dance, music and songs in a manner similar to early Greek Theatre. Karthika is a trained Kathak dancer with numerous performances across the globe and she offers both group and individually tailored classes.
  • Classes now at Craigieburn- get in touch for more details
  • Salsa – Salsa is a Hispanic dance style that draws heavy influences from many different regions in the world. Generally performed with a partner, the music is a regular recurring eight beat pattern and the basic movement in this dance is to step on the beat of the music. A trained Salsa practitioner and teacher for many years, Raphael can definitely help you master the fancy footwork and extravagant body movements associated with Salsa, on the dance floor.
What we offer

Workshops, Events, Choreography & Photography

If you are looking for an interactive workshop with your guests, then we have the perfect package to ensure your guests will not just learn some Bollywood – The Naach Box way but also leave with a big smile. Be it a wedding or a competition, we can choreograph your event.

All our website photos are taken by our professional photographer, Jay Nair. If you are looking for someone to capture your special day, whatever the occasion may be, we would recommend Jay Nair Fotografia